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Property Investor – We Buy Your Houses

Need To Sell Your House Fast?

We Buy Any House in any area, any price, any condition anywhere in the UK!

We Specialise in Buying Houses Fast

  • We give you a FREE no obligation valuation

  • We buy houses for cash – you get cash offer

  • We’re trusted national home buyers

  • We fit the timescale to your needs

  • We have no hidden fees & no property chains

  • Friendly Customer Support

Talk To The We Buy Houses Team

On the next page, our We Buy Houses team will ask you a few questions and we’ll follow up with a phone call within 24 hours after you submit the form using the number you provide.

Get Your Free Cash Offer

Fill Out The Form Below For A Fast Fair Cash Offer Today!

Cash Offer 25%



Fill out the form here, it will only take a second. If you’d like to talk immediately then call me today @ +44 (0)330 2231690. Maybe we can grab a cup of coffee! Once you claim your free offer I’ll receive your contact information in my secure inbox. This way your information stays confidential.


I’ll analyze your house immediately and contact you to make arrangements to view the property.

Don’t worry about the condition of the home. I buy in “As Is” condition.

We’ll pick a time that works best with your schedule and it usually takes less than 30 minutes. I’ll treat your time and home with the up most respect.


We’ll have an open and transparent discussion about what the house is worth and I’ll give you my highest and best offer the first time.

If you accept my offer then we will sign a contract and a local title company will handle the paper work. You won’t have to do any work or spend any money.

It’s easy, simple, and headache free.

Properties We Buy

  • Structural issues

  • Facing foreclosure

  • Relocation or job transfer

  • Undesirable neighborhoods

  • Divorce

  • Need for cosmetic fix up

  • Retirement or downsizing

  • Death of a loved one

  • Liquidating assets to pay bills

  • Inheriting a property you can’t keep

  • Tired of living in an ugly house

  • Troublesome mortgage terms

  • And more…

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What if my situation changes and I don’t need to sell?2017-02-13T02:59:25+00:00

We understand that situations can change, so if you need to withdraw from the sale, you won’t be charged any fees.

I’m struggling financially, can you help?2017-02-13T02:59:06+00:00

We can help sell your property, if you’re struggling financially. Please contact us now to learn how.

I want to sell our house fast, but I have a tenant, is this a problem?2017-02-13T02:58:47+00:00

We’ll consider handling properties with tenants. Please contact us to discuss your specific circumstances.

I’m in negative equity and I owe more than what the house is worth, can you help?2017-02-13T02:58:18+00:00

Yes, our we have the precise set of skills necessary to help sellers who are in negative equity, please contact us now.

Can you help me stop a potential repossession?2017-02-13T02:57:39+00:00

Our team of experts has the experience and knowledge to stop repossessions. We encourage you to contact us now.

Who deals with the paperwork?2017-02-13T02:56:37+00:00

We handle as much of the paperwork as possible, done in conjunction with your solicitor and our solicitor. If you don’t have a solicitor we can help you find one.

How quickly will I receive the cash for my property?2017-02-13T02:56:07+00:00

We tailor how quickly you’ll receive the cash based on what you tell us you need. We can act quickly or slow down the process.

We take instructions from you regarding the timescale you want in order to exit the property or relocate.

What happens after I agree to sell?2017-02-13T02:55:41+00:00

As soon as we have an agreement in place, we will instruct your solicitor and our solicitor to start the process to sell.

Next you’ll be sent the necessary forms via email that either you or your solicitor can complete and return. We’ll continue to manage the process to meet your timescale.

How quickly will I get an offer on my property?2017-02-13T02:55:16+00:00

We’ll follow up with in 24 hours after you submit the form on our website and give you a cash offer and provide options.

We’ll be contacting you with the phone number you provide and you can give us a preferred time for us to contact you.

Do you charge any fees or costs?2017-02-13T02:54:54+00:00

We do not charge any fees nor will you have any estate agent fees from us, thus you have no hidden charges.

We’ll redevelop, lease, refurbish and/or resell the property in order to recover our costs.

Do I need to pay for a valuation?2017-02-08T22:11:58+00:00

There are absolutely no fees selling your house to us. We have a network of surveyors throughout England and Wales, and therefore consult with our local surveyor to your home in order to establish the market value quickly.

Is the sale process confidential?2017-02-08T22:11:36+00:00

Yes. We offer a very discreet service and will only discuss the sale of your property with yourself and anyone you approve.

What type of properties do you buy?2017-02-08T22:11:09+00:00

We buy all types of property – both residential, commercial, let and probate – in any condition throughout England and Wales. We buy houses, flats, bungalows, apartment blocks, land and ground rents.

What tips are there to help sell my house fast?2017-02-08T22:10:42+00:00

Just let us know how quickly you want to sell your property and we’ll work to your timings – we’ll make you an immediate cash offer and it’s up to you if you decide to take it. If you do, we can get the ball rolling straightaway.

How do I sell my house quickly?2017-02-08T22:10:12+00:00

We can work as quickly as you like. We don’t have viewings to arrange, chains to consider or anything to hold up the process, so you can sell your property much faster than putting it on the market.

How much does it cost to sell my house?2017-02-08T22:06:48+00:00

It doesn’t cost you anything – there are no fees, or legal costs and no hidden costs of any kind. We’ll simply make you a cash offer and if you decide to accept, you’ll get every penny.

There is no obligation to accept our cash offer for your property, however typically we leave the offer open for 7 days.

Why People Love Us

No Fees

No out of pocket expenses which saves you thousands of dollars


We only work with professional title companies and closing attorneys

Honest home buyer

Honesty and transparency throughout the process

No funny business

We respect your time and give you our best offer the first time

We buy as is

We buy homes in any condition which means you don’t have to make any repairs


Flexible closing dates

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